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Keep your diesel clean with All Fixed Diesel Cleaning Services Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gympie

Our All Fixed local diesel mechanics now offer in-vehicle system and component cleans for all types of diesel vehicles, equipment, and machinery – from trucks to heavy diesel machinery and equipment such as tractors and Bobcats through to farming, construction and mining earthmoving machinery, and plant equipment.

  • Diesel Particular Filter cleaning – in-vehicle DPF cleaning to maintain the emissions control system
  • Exhaust, Gas, Recirculation cleans– EGR cleaning of blocked up EGR systems and valves
  • Turbo and Fuel System cleans – TFS cleaning on all vehicle types

Diesel Cleaning Services Costs

Prices start from $699 for plant and equipment and $350.00 for diesel cars and light commercial trucks. These costs apply to all system cleans.

The Diesel Cleaning Process for DPF, EGR, Turbo and Diesel Fuel Systems

The process requires one of our highly trained diesel specialists to gain access to the individual system or component that is blocked (or severely restricted) to connect our WYNN’S MultiSERVE vehicle diesel cleaner.

This process takes between 40-90 minutes pending access restrictions and blockage / contamination density.

Using specially formulated chemicals in a 3-stage diesel clean process, our All Fixed clients will not only have the potential to save considerable money, but will also notice better fuel economy and engine performance.

Clean Diesel Benefits

  • More efficient exhaust flow
  • Components working as they should
  • Engine life extended
  • Fuel economy
  • Power and performance
  • Cost effective
  • Big savings
  • Reduce time off the road
  • Relieve yourself of the breakdown / tow truck costs

If you’d like to book diesel cleaning services please contact our local diesel mechanics by calling us on 0431 665 018 or send us an inquiry.

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Service

Need a diesel EGR cleaner? Our All Fixed local diesel specialists can help.

The diesel particulate filter (DPF) is an in-vehicle emissions control filter which collects contaminants before they escape into the atmosphere. Our All Fixed DPF cleaning service can be conducted on-site at your location, or in our Kiels Mountain mechanic diesel repair shop.

The Importance of DPF Filter Cleaning

A DPF filter REPLACEMENT can cost upwards of $5000 in most road transport equipment. Here at All Fixed Diesels, we recommend doing a DPF cleaning service every 6 to 12 months depending on the age of the diesel equipment and how many hours of service it has done.

All Fixed Diesel Specialists Advise Against DPF Delete

DPF delete is when you remove the component from the vehicle under the false assumption this will save you money. DPF removal causes serious failures long term which is why you should engage diesel tech services from our All Fixed team of qualified and highly experienced diesel technicians.

Don’t cut corners with DPF removal or opting for a cheap DPF replacement that will cost you more in diesel repairs long term. Emissions-type diesel components are there to minimise the amount of harmful nitrogen oxides and exhaust particulates released into the air so it’s vitally important the DPF is not DIY’d but rather serviced and maintained by qualified diesel technicians who know what they’re doing.

Exhaust, Gas, Recirculation Cleaning Service

Exhaust Gas Recirculation systems, known as EGR systems, are similar to DPF filter systems in that they take in varied amounts of exhaust gas and feed it back through the engine’s intake system to burn it again, reducing contamination to the environment.

If EGR system cleaning is not carried out regularly, the diesel engine ends up with carbon in the intake manifold. This restriction of clean air flow reduces engine efficiency and performance.

Turbo and Diesel Fuel System Cleaning Service

Diesel turbocharger cleaning is not as commonplace in our industry as this diesel cleaning service is in the light automotive game. However, the same principle applies. Turbochargers also block up with soot and if the soot is not cleaned out of the components it causes added friction and heat, and accelerates wear resulting in bearing or shaft failure.

Fuel system cleaning is a preventative maintenance measure used to maintain the high standard required for the consistent delivery of fuel to the diesel engine. Fuel injectors, rails, injection pipes and quantity control valves are all expensive items so arranging diesel fuel system cleaning once a year with our local diesel mechanics will help keep these components in good condition and reduce the risk of diesel fuel system failure.

What is WYNN’S MultiSERVE?

The diesel cleaner device used by our diesel technicians is the Wynn’s MultiSERVE. Made from highest quality European components, this 4-in-1 cleaning machine is the complete fuel system cleaner, designed to clean diesel injection, air intake, turbo, and DPF systems.

It minimises emissions, prevents overconsumption due to contamination, and maintains perfect performance of the vehicle, equipment, and machinery.

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